Apple has donated a web app to its music service Apple Music. The beta can now be used in the browser.

Apple has given Apple Music a web interface . This means that the music service, like competing offers from Spotify, Amazon, Google or Deezer, can be used in the browser regardless of device or operating system. As usual for beta versions, there are still problems in some places.


Apple Music web beta is still in trouble

With the new Apple Music web app, you can browse music collections as usual, view personal recommendations and listen to the radio. To browse your own collections and playlists, you’ll need to sign in with your Apple ID. However, new registrations are currently not possible via the web app. Therefore, when you try to set up access, you will be redirected to iTunes or you have to set it up via the iOS or Android app.

Price: Free
Apple Music
Price: Free

Some songs stutter in the beta, which Apple should probably fix soon.

Unofficial web version of Apple Music

With the web version, Apple is following suit and is adapting its offer to that of its competitors Spotify, Amazon, Google and Deezer. So far, Apple Music could only be used on desktop systems within the iTunes media software or indirectly. In June, the company announced that it would crush iTunes  and split the functions into individual apps. The web version is therefore an image of the new Music app. A hobbyist published the first unofficial browser variant eight months ago on Reddit .

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