Apple Music , the iPhone company’s streaming service launched exactly four years ago, has exceeded 60 million subscribers. But Spotify is still far ahead.

On June 30, 2015, Apple launched its music streaming service in 100 countries, including Germany. On its fourth birthday , Eddy Cue , the senior vice president responsible for the Group’s online services, said of the French tech platform Numerama that Apple Music had cracked the 60 million subscriber mark. But this also includes users who are currently testing the service for free.

60 million paying customers: Apple Music is growing

This means that Apple remains well behind its rival Spotify , which has over 100 million paying premium customers . As of April 2018, at the most recent announcement of numbers, Apple Music had 40 million paying subscribers and Spotify had 70 million premium customers. Another eight million users used the Apple streaming service free of charge.

Spotify had 159 million monthly active users. Spotify currently has 217 million monthly active users. The Swedish streaming service has grown significantly faster than Apple Music over the past 15 months, just in terms of the number of paying users. In the US, Apple Music is said to have recently recorded higher growth rates than Spotify, as the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) wrote in April . It is not known whether this trend was sustained.

In any case, Cue was very satisfied with the increase in users. In addition, the platform will be further optimized on all devices. With iOS 13, for example, a kind of karaoke function for Apple Music is to come. The corresponding lyrics were added by the Apple employees themselves. Cue also noted that Apple Music was the most widely used streaming service in the company’s own ecosystem as positive. The Apple Music channel Beats 1 also has tens of millions of listeners.

Apple Music ahead of Spotify in the US

In the USA, Apple Music is said to have already overtaken Spotify – currently, according to the WSJ, 28 million paying subscribers versus 26 million, as The Verge writes . Spotify expects strong growth to continue in the coming months. By the end of the year, the Swedes are expected to have 117 to 127 million premium customers and 245 to 265 million monthly active users worldwide.

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