In a support document, Google explains how YouTube Music users can upload their local music library to the service. The catch: it doesn’t work.

It’s simple: you open the web app of Youtube Music and pulls your music with the mouse anywhere on the surface in the open browser window. Alternatively, you can click on your profile picture at the top right and select “Upload Music” from the drop-down menu.

Upload should be completely unproblematic

Now the files, which can be in the formats Flac, M4A, MP3, OGG and WMA, are uploaded to your account. A progress bar keeps you up to date on the success of the campaign. You don’t even have to be a paying subscriber to Youtube Music Premium. After the upload, the uploaded files are available in the service, although it may take a while before they are actually displayed.

Just drag files anywhere on this surface. Sounds good, but it doesn’t work. (Screenshot: t3n)

That sounds very good, in Google’s official support document . The only catch is: it doesn’t work. Neither in Germany nor anywhere else in the world.

The catch: it doesn’t work

So has Google rashly put out a support document that will sooner or later be collected again? Or is it an indication of an imminent launch of functionality that Play Music users have been waiting for years? We do not know it.

Regardless of this, the feature would by no means answer all open questions or offer previous Play Music users an equivalent replacement. Because the upload function comes with considerable restrictions – if it comes.

Upcoming upload function is not the yellow of the egg

For example, it is not possible to share the uploaded music with others in a family plan, for example. Playlists that contain uploaded content as well as streaming content also work for other listeners, but only without the uploaded content. In addition, your own files are not taken into account for the recommendation algorithm. At least Youtube Music will automatically remove duplicates.

Furthermore, the automatic synchronization of existing music data with Google Play Music will not be possible. This also applies to content acquired there, not just uploads that have already been made. Here, as it has for two years, Google continues to promise to make an adequate offer when the time comes.

It looks like the not yet available upload function for Youtube Music is little more than a kind of renamed Google Drive for sound files. That’s a bit thin.

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