The rapidly growing YouTube music app is apparently inspiring Spotify to new features. Music videos could soon be available on the world’s largest music streaming service.

As the reverse engineering expert Jane Wong found out, Spotify is working on a significant functional expansion of its playback screen. So far, it has either been dominated by the presentation of the album cover or shows the quite new Spotify canvas .

Spotify app: Playback screen is drilled out

In the future, Spotify apparently wants to give its users the choice of which content should be shown on the playback screen. A new tab selection at the top of the screen should obviously be able to display the complete music video in addition to the album type and the canvas.

With this function, Alphabet’s Youtube Music is currently setting itself apart from Spotify. Here, the user has the choice in a prominent place whether only the song or the video should be played.

Spotify Canvas: Nice, but not particularly useful

With the Spotify Canvas, the streaming service tried to create a kind of visual replacement for videos. So far, only selected artists can store three to eight-second moving image loops, which are displayed instead of the album cover and should offer a more contemporary form of presentation than a rigid album cover can. Spotify refers to the canvas animations as “album art for the streaming age”.

Nevertheless, the short canvas animation is no substitute for a music video and probably no user will want to look at the moving representation more than once. A full integration of available music videos could probably give the service a further boost, but above all increase the benefit for the listeners significantly. Spotify announced content a few years ago, but has not yet implemented it.

On the left the video function already available in the YT Music app, on the right the screenshot from the Spotify beta, which shows that the service is working on something similar. (Screenshots: t3n / Jane Wong)

YT-Music puts Spotify under pressure

It is quite possible that those responsible saw no immediate need because no other service offered a corresponding service. The cards have been reshuffled with the seamless video integration in the Youtube Music app.

It is currently unclear when a corresponding function will be rolled out and what this will look like in concrete terms. As Wong’s screenshot shows, the Spotify developers are still in the middle of the conception phase because they write: “Thank you for your interest in videos. We are still researching what could happen at this point [in the app]. “

Jane Wong, the tech blogger who no unofficial app feature can hide from

Reverse engineering is the passion of software developer Jane Wong from Hong Kong. According to her own statements, she likes to spend her weekends looking through apps for new features that have not yet been officially announced.

So she can look back on a considerable backlog of finds that has brought her the attention of big media houses like the BBC time and again. At t3n, too, we have often taken up your research results.

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