The supposedly planned by Apple super subscription for music, news and TV services is apparently taking shape. Such a service could be launched as early as 2020. Apple hopes for more customers.

A few weeks ago, the media had already reported on Apple’s alleged plans to want to put together a combination of the paid services Apple TV Plus and Apple Music. According to new information, the rumored Super Abo should – at least in the US – include Apple TV Plus and Apple Music as well as Apple News Plus. This subscription offer could be launched as early as 2020, as Bloomberg reports, citing company insiders.

Super subscription: Apple is said to have negotiated with publishers

The new rumors about the supposedly planned super subscription feed on information about commission negotiations that Apple is said to have conducted with publishers involved in the News Plus service. Accordingly, the iPhone group is said to have secured the rights there to bundle the subscription service with other paid services. The News Plus service, launched in March in the US, offers users access to a range of magazines and newspapers and costs ten US dollars a month. Apple keeps half of the income and the publishers get the other half.

According to the insiders, the publisher would lose income in the event of such a super subscription, as the costs for the individual News Plus service would have to be reduced. However, the publisher’s revenues are apparently well below their expectations anyway. According to Bloomberg, a publisher can expect on average less than $ 20,000 a month. With Texture, the service taken over by Apple , which forms the basis for News Plus, the income was significantly higher. The number of News Plus subscribers is unknown. The service is available in the US, UK and Australia.

Apple wants to bundle fee-based services

Apple, in turn, wants to increase the number of customers by bundling its fee-based services in a super subscription. Apple is already experimenting with linking the services. Most recently, students with a music subscription were given free access to the newly launched TV Plus . TV Plus for one year free of charge for Apple hardware buyers who bought it after September 9th. Apple apparently has a similar model in mind for the future as Amazon has introduced with its Prime subscription. The group has not commented on the media report.

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