Apple seems to be giving up its aging media management software iTunes in its current form: With macOS 10.15 it is to be broken down into its individual parts in the form of various apps.

Many are at war with the iTunes media management system – it is confusing, overloaded and sluggish. As developer and iOS specialist Steve Troughton-Smith pointed out on Twitter  and was mentioned again in May by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman  , Apple should put an end to its ancient software with macOS 10.15. A few hours before the official announcement, Apple also saw the first clear indications.

iTunes is to be broken down into individual apps with macOS 10.15

iTunes is the main application on Mac for buying music, renting movies and series, or listening to podcasts. It is also used to create local backups for iOS devices. Until September 2017, you could also use it to purchase iOS apps – with iTunes 12.7 , however, Apple had completely removed the function from macOS.

With macOS 10.15, Apple’s platforms could move closer together. (Image: Apple)

With macOS 10.15, iTunes dismantling is apparently continued consistently, it seems. According to Troughton-Smith and Gurman, applications such as Apple Music and podcasts as well as a TV app should land as separate apps on the desktop. Without iTunes on the Mac, users should be able to manage their Apple gadgets via the music app in the future, according to Gurman.

Further information on iTunes off directly from Apple

Gurmans and Troughton-Smiths information about the end of iTunes have been underpinned by changes in various social media and marketing channels Apple has been doing since the weekend, as reported on Reddit . The iTunes Facebook page lately lacks any content – all videos, photos and posts have been removed. The iTunes account is also empty on Instagram – instead you are now referring to the Apple TV profile.

An attentive user also noticed that Apple redirects various URLs linked with iTunes to other addresses. So is loud Craig Hockenberry from the URL of ‘’ for songs the URL “”. More iTunes-specific links will also be diverted to “”, “”, “”, “” and “” reported Macrumors , citing developer Kyle Seth Gray .

macOS 10.15: New apps should be based on Uikit

According to Troughton-Smiths, the newly emerging apps may be based on the Uikit framework, which is part of Apple’s Project Marzipan. With Project Marzipan, which Apple announced in an early version for WWDC 2018, iOS apps can be ported to the Mac with little effort. Accordingly, we can also assume that the iOS apps music and podcasts will land on the desktop.

Another possible new macOS app, Apple seems to be moving the books app to the desktop. The application can be used to read and play e-books and audiobooks purchased from Apple – it could replace the existing books app on macOS. In addition, Apple announced in March that it would also bring its TV with Apple TV Plus to the Mac in the fall . It is unclear whether it is also based on Uikit, but it is obvious.

The announcement of macOS 10.15, accompanied by iOS 13 , is expected in the course of the developer conference WWDC 2019 in early June . In the course of the keynote on June 3, we should find out what Apple plans to do with iTunes.

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