Microsoft announced exciting new additions to the Windows Store at Build 2017. Both Apple’s iTunes and Autodesk and the SAP Digital Boardroom will land in the store over the next few months.

Microsoft’s Windows Store has a prominent addition – including iTunes with Apple Music

Even at the launch of Windows 10 S, Microsoft had an important new addition to the Windows Store with Spotify. At Build 2017, the company announced further important applications that will populate Microsoft’s digital app shop by the end of 2017.

Where there is Spotify, Apple’s competitor iTunes should not be missing – however, the application will not be available in the Windows Store until the end of this year. But then with full functionality including Apple Music, iTunes Store and support for the iPhone and the other iOS devices.

Windows Store: Also SAP and Autodesk with UWP apps

Not only Apple wants to bring its app to the Windows store, the SAP software solution for executives, SAP Digital Boardroom, will also be available in Microsoft’s app store this month, according to Microsoft.

The SAP Digital Boardroom app is another addition to the Windows Store. (Screenshot: Microsoft)

In addition, Autodesk, which already presented its drawing app with the UWP application “SketchBook” in summer 2016, wants to publish the 3D game engine and real-time rendering software Autodesk Stingray and provide support for Windows Mixed Reality .

In Windows 10 S, apps can only be installed via the Windows Store. (Photo: Microsoft)

Microsoft has been trying since 2015 with the announcement of Project Centennial, with which developers can make their existing .Net- and Win32-based Windows applications fit for the Windows Store, to let the store grow. So far, the efforts have not been crowned with success. The first applications trickled in only in September 2016.

With the upcoming start of Windows 10 S , Microsoft is keen to get as many applications as possible in the in-house Windows store. Because in the new Windows version, which was primarily developed for educational institutions, only applications that are offered in the Windows Store can be installed. The installation of exe files is blocked.

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