Amazon is launching an alternative to Spotify Free. The free, advertising-financed music streaming offer from Amazon Music can be used on smartphones, tablets and Fire TV devices.

So far, Amazon has only offered its free, ad-supported music streaming service to owners of an Echo speaker . Since November 19, 2019, it can be used via the Amazon Music apps on any smartphone with Android and iOS, web browser and Fire TV products without Amazon Prime membership.

Free Amazon Music Offer: You only need an Amazon account

With theAmazon offers free streaming service * an alternative to the free Spotify Free offer from the music streaming industry leader Spotify. There is a big difference between the two free services: While Spotify Free users have access to the complete streaming offer of 50 million tracks, Amazon’s free service delivers a reduced selection of music based on playlists and, according to their own statements, “thousands” of radio stations on a song, artist, era or genre. They also have access to the top playlists – and “the best Christmas carols”.

Amazon Music Free

The free Amazon Music offer offers “thousands” of playlists and radio stations. (Screenshot: t3n / Amaazon)

The advertisements on Amazon’s service take place after playing some songs and are several seconds long. The length and number of advertising depends on usage, according to Amazon. Offline playback is not possible in the advertising-financed model, which is reserved for paying customers.

Despite the comparatively limited scope, it is clear that Amazon’s offer is a clear challenge to Spotify. According to the latest figures , Spotify has 248 million users , 113 million of which are paying customers. Spotify’s ad-financed service also offers a wider range of functions: Among other things, users can also create their own playlists. For people who only listen to music in the background, the restrictions should not be relevant.

Amazon Music with 3 paid models

In addition to the new free offer, Amazon now offers three different paid models for its music streaming service. Prime Music is part of the Amazon Prime Bundle , which costs 69 euros a year. It includes access to two million songs and “thousands of playlists”.

Echo Studio supports 3D and HD audio.  The respective sound quality is displayed in the Amazon Music app.  (Photo: t3n)

Echo Studio supports 3D and HD audio. The respective sound quality is displayed in the Amazon Music app. As standard, the best available sound quality is always streamed (Photo: t3n)

Amazon Prime Music Unlimited is divided into two sections:For 9.99 euros per month * , users get access to 50 million songs, thousands of playlists and radio stations. Similar to Spotify, Amazon offers family membership for 14.99 euros. Furthermore, Prime customers can book the Unlimited tariff a little cheaper for 7.99 euros. Since September 2019, Amazon has been offering the Amazon Music HD service with better sound quality to match its premium echo loudspeaker Echo Studio (test) . HD content is transmitted at up to 3.7 megabits per second, while the standard quality on Amazon Music is a bit rate of 320 kilobits per second. Amazon’s HD Music costs from 14.99 euros or 12.99 euros for Prime customers.

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