One thing that keeps cricket fans and viewers alike coming back to the game is the color white. For some it is simply a calming and refreshing feeling that comes with watching their favorite players in action on television. But white is not just reserved for playing and viewing on television. In fact, cricket pants are made from white material as well to create a match-winning look that matches the bright color of the shirt and shorts. Cricket shirts are generally made from cotton and have short sleeves. Short sleeved shirts are much easier for players to grip in their sweatpants during hot summer months.

Cricket pants, on the other hand, are a far cry from the bulky, heavy cotton apparel most players wear. The white material used on them is much more flexible, enabling players to move freely while playing. They are specifically designed to help reduce the impact of cramps caused by perspiration on the lower part of their bodies. That’s why you can hardly find any perspiration stains on white baseball pants.Winning Spirit CP29 Mens Cricket Pants | Fast ClothingCricket pants come in two major types: plain and graphic. Plain Cricket pants are made of just cotton and may have no additional embellishments. Graphic Cricket pants, on the other hand, are made of cotton, but have special designs embroidered onto the fabric. These designs, which are usually related to the sport of cricket, are added to the fabric as a means of decoration. However, it must be noted that most white baseball caps do not come with embroidery.

Plain white pants are usually fairly lightweight, allowing players to move freely without feeling tired after a long day of play. Graphic white pants, on the other hand, are made of thicker material and will provide greater comfort during hot days. This is why white baseball caps often match white pants. If you’re planning to buy a white pair of cricket pants for the match, here are a few tips to follow:

Make sure to get pants that are made from 100% cotton fabric. Although it may be warmer to use light weight cotton fabric, it can prove uncomfortable during the game. Make sure to wash your pants on a machine that uses gentle cycle. Don’t try to force them through the washing machine or they might become fray. Avoid using bleach or iron while the pants are in the washer as it might discolor them.

Cricket is a sport that involves lot of running and walking around, so make sure that your white cricket pants do not show every blemish on your body. If you’re going for a match in the summer, then you can get shorts instead of pants. While the shorts won’t match exactly with your white baseball cap, you can at least wear them to match the rest of your ensemble. And if you do get a match worn, make sure that you can easily wash it because white is one of the most fragile colors.

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