The German music market has grown again after two years of decline. The growth drivers were streaming services and, surprisingly, vinyl records as well.

Ostensibly driven by income from audio streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Audible and Co. as well as vinyl sales, the German music market recorded an 8.2 percent increase in sales for 2019. This emerges from the annual report of the Federal Music Industry Association .

Income from streaming services and vinyl sales have increased

After two years of declining sales, the German music market grew again last year. According to the Federal Association of the Music Industry, it should have brought in 1.6 billion euros and occupy fourth place in the global ranking. According to the association, audio streaming with a plus of 27.0 percent and, surprisingly, vinyl records, whose turnover from sales increased by 13.3 percent, are responsible for the growth. The turnover from CD sales, however, fell by 10.5 percent.

According to the association’s chairman, Florian Drücke, two thirds of the music business in Germany has now shifted to the digital space. Audio streaming, for example, accounts for around half of total sales. CDs make up 29 percent, audio downloads 6.2 percent and vinyls 4.9 percent.

These genres have boosted sales

Pop music continued to be the biggest sales driver last year with 25.8 percent. Hip Hop and Rap, on the other hand, took second place for the first time with 19.7 percent, closely followed by rock with 19.6 percent. The genres “children’s products” and dance accounted for 9.8 percent and 7.3 percent of sales.

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