Youtube Music and Google Play Music are said to have reached the 15 million subscriber mark.

The music streaming services from Google now apparently have more than 15 million subscribers. The US media company Bloomberg reported on Wednesday evening .

The subscriber numbers include the two streaming services Youtube Music and Google Play Music. This also includes users who have taken out a test subscription and have not yet paid for the service.

Still far from the competition

Bloomberg names two insiders as sources who do not want to be named because the information is not publicly available. Youtube did not want to comment on the number of subscribers to Bloomberg.

Google is still a long way from its two major competitors, Spotify and Apple Music. Spotify has more than 100 million paying users and Apple has more than 56 million . The Wall Street Journal reported in early April that in the US market, Apple Music, with 28 million paying subscribers, overtook Spotify, whose premium version is used by 26 million people in the US. Google’s two streaming services are still a long way from achieving user numbers of this magnitude.

Google’s plans for Youtube Music

Even before the streaming service started, there were many music videos on YouTube. However, users had to put up with advertising. The Youtube Music app, which specializes in music, has only been available since May 2018, and its paid version is ad-free. In the long term, it is likely that some of the successful features of Google Play Music will be integrated into Youtube Music and that Google’s older streaming service will be abandoned in favor of Youtube Music.

Google has already started to redirect certain user groups to Youtube, such as artists who are interested in using the Google Play Artist Hub. The service allows independent artists to upload their music and specify how they want their music to be available on Google Play. One of the options is to stream your own tracks on Google Play Music. On the English-language page of the Google Play Artist Hub, a notice appears that no new registrations are possible. Interested parties are advised to become a YouTube artist instead and use one of three suggested partners to offer music for sale or download.

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